About Emtek

Our Design Process

From idea to concept, Emtek's custom made products are thoughtfully designed and built to order from right here, at our Los Angeles-based warehouse.

Built into that design process is the idea of personalization, which at its core, is the heart of what Emtek does.

Director of Design and New Product Innovation, Will Zhang, is constantly ideating on how the fundamental mechanics of hardware can be used in new and interesting ways and how those component pieces can be customized to match an overall room theme or design.

This direction has manifested in collections like the Spoke Knob and the Select Collection, which allows for a new level of customization between the components of your knob or lever style, as well as new accessory product categories like textured hinge tips.

I always strive for an organic process, one that is formulated from my intuition and from moments of inspiration, so that the resulting designs are authentic."

Will Zhang, Director of Design and Product Innovation

Every detail is explored and crafted with the application of Industrial Design through traditional and experimental methods.

"Since establishing industrial design at Emtek in 2009, we've launched a remarkable amount of new products. Driven by the aspiration to lead our industry in design, my goal has always been to create inspiring door hardware that compliments and personalizes a home" Zhang says.

Increasingly, we are considering the breadth of our product line in new categories. How can we utilize the details of certain products within new product footprints? Carrying a design theme (and a finish) throughout your home can be a great way to ground a space and keep it visually peaceful but still interesting.

Emtek is constantly engaging with our customer base, as well as with end users to find suggestions on expanding into new product categories. Catering to our customers is always top of mind and finding solutions via good design is something we strive for.